AHEAD Learning Initiative

Mimbres Region Arts Council announces a new initiative, Arts & Humanities Education Alliance for Deeper (AHEAD) Learning to advocate and support arts and humanities education in Grant County schools and communities. The goal is to improve communication, utilization, and collaboration between schools and community-based arts and humanities organizations for the benefit of students, K-12, in Grant County, NM.

Creative Conversations Series

Creative Conversations are an opportunity to gather and collaborate with others in an effort to exchange ideas and encourage a healthy, positive dialogue. Any local creative types (musicians, visual artists, artisans, poets, writers, builders, craftsmen, weavers etc…) who are interested in discussing/brainstorming/transforming the arts community are invited. Organizations and individuals can bring their visions and perspectives with the goal of pursuing actions that will culturally enrich our creative community.

Creative Communities in the United States

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist