Arte Para Todos

Arte Para Todos or Art for All, is an initiative that brings arts learning experiences to underserved and rural communities. Arte Para Todos teaches about art, artists and cultures through hands-on art projects.

Fine Arts Friday - Art in the School programs

The PNM Fine Arts Friday Program is supported by a grant from the PNM Foundation, enabling the MRAC to bring artists into classrooms of kindergarten through 5th grade in 3 districts and 15 schools in Grant County and Deming. Artists share their talents and enthusiasm with the children in the area of their expertise with age appropriate activities to stimulate, encourage and broaden children’s senses and interest in the arts.

Schools-to-Stage Outreach

Schools-to-Stage Outreach is a new name for long time MRAC program. Special day time performances tailored specifically for student audiences. Beginning in 2015, MRAC eliminated all student admission fees so that every child could have access to an inspiring performance.  We are greatly appreciative of the donors who support the Schools-to-Stage Outreach performances.

Youth Mural Camps

At Youth Mural Camp, young people are connected with artists and learn how to create and install murals that beautify our area and help preserve a piece of history.

Youth Mural Program

What do downtown, city parks, and public buildings all have in common?  They are covered in MURALS!  This colorful program drapes our city with splashes of life.  We firmly believe that the future foundation of our community lies within our young people.  It’s important to us that we ensure future generations have a grounded and well-rounded appreciation of how the arts affect our everyday lives.  With that goal in mind, this program takes local artist creations and turn their art into a learning and educational opportunity for our youth.