Meet the MRAC Board

The 2012-2013 MRAC Board of Directors from left to right: Blake Farley, Linda Thompson, ED Faye McCalmont, Juliana Albershardt, Luan Mitchell, Maureen Craig, Therese North, Ashleigh Garcia, Mimi Clark, Stephanie Smith.The 2012-2013 MRAC Board of Directors from left to right: Blake Farley, Linda Thompson, ED Faye McCalmont, Julianna Albershardt, Luan Mitchell, Maureen Craig, Therese North, Ashleigh Garcia, Mimi Clark, Stephanie Smith.

Julianna Albershardt received a BA in Creative Writing at the University of Pittsburgh. She traveled the country as a sound engineer and photographer before landing in the art town of Ojai, California. After working in the arts, recreation, and psychological fields, she spent ten years in Reno, Nevada, where she played folk harp in the Valley Harpers Ensemble. Drawn to the beauty of New Mexico and the small town, artistic ambience of Silver City, Julianna and her husband bought the Murray Hotel in 2004 and moved here full-time in 2009. The hotel continues to be a work of art in progress, and a home for arts, music and culture in Silver City.

Mimi Clark grew up in Iowa and received her BA in Public Relations and Marketing Communications from St. Ambrose University.  She grew up in a very musically talented family.  Her parents were both in the performing arts and her mom was a gifted music teacher.  In 2010, her husband accepted the Head Football Coaching position at Western New Mexico University and they settled into Silver City.  They have one dog, a cat and a growing family.  She is currently the Marketing Coordinator at Western New Mexico University.

Maureen Craig, born and raised in Crestwood, New York, Maureen earned a BA in Education from Boston College, and later a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from George Mason University. After a rewarding career working with national nonprofit organizations, Maureen and her husband found their dream home in Grant County and moved with their three dogs to Silver City in 2006. She is currently a member of the Silver City Public Library board of trustees and is a quilter, quilt collector and professional quilt appraiser. She enjoys supporting the arts and does all her holiday shopping locally!

Blake Farley, grew up in Texas with a father who surrounded her with abstract paintings and a mother who read her poetry instead of goodnight stories. She married an amazing artist and after college, started her career in photography, fine arts nonprofit work and gallery ownership. Her search for living “a high-quality, art-filled life” led her to Mexico and eventually brought her to southwest New Mexico where she became passionate about Silver City and its arts community. She works as a real estate broker and continues to immerse herself in the “art of living” while raising the next generation of artists in her family.

Ashleigh Garcia, President, born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, earned a BA in Government at the University of Virginia as a student-athlete playing both Lacrosse and Field Hockey. She has lived in Charlottesville VA, Baltimore MD, Los Angeles CA and met her husband in Raleigh NC (a native of Grant County). Ashleigh has always used the arts as a way to appreciate and immerse herself in local culture. MRAC is to thank for her smooth transition into Grant County and Southwestern New Mexico culture. Ashleigh currently serves as the Foundation Coordinator at the Gila Regional Medical Center Foundation.

Luan Mitchell is a Wisconsin native, but has lived in seven different states and all four US time zones. She moved to Silver City in 2003 under protest, but since then has grown to love the town and its people, and believes she has finally found her permanent home. She was employed as a Planner for the Town of Silver City for eight years and retired in March 2012. Recognizing that she has no artistic talent of her own, she has long been an admirer and supporter of others’ talents and is honored to be a member of the board of the Mimbres Region Arts Council as a way of continuing that support in a more effective way.

Therese NorthSecretary: Art has always been a part of Therese’s life and doing artwork was always encouraged by her family. She and her husband moved to Silver City five years ago to live in the wide open spaces of New Mexico. They enjoy living here because it is a community inspired by the arts and the outdoors, and the talent and generosity of many people.

Stephanie SmithVice President, is an organization development practitioner, mediator, trainer and behavioral coach. After retiring from the National Conservation Training Center, Steph moved to Grant Country where she lives tucked away in the beautiful Gila Mountain Range with her dogs, cats, and all sorts of spectacular wild critters.

Linda Thompson moved to the Southwest from upstate New York as a youngster and grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, where her love of music led her to crave the local music scene and eventually to work in local radio, TV and print. While raising her two daughters, she taught fourth grade and worked on advanced education degrees, but continued to dabble in radio (the bug never goes away). Attracted to the small town friendliness and prevalence of the arts found here, she moved to Silver City in 2009. Always passionate about the environment and its wildlife, she feels like she has found the perfect sense of place here in SC and hopes to make a positive contribution to the Arts Council and the community.